Monday, 18 December 2017

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri - what God says about 2018

As I was kneeling down in prayer for the crossover God gave me a sneak preview of 2018. Though it shall be a tough year for many, for those who are called His own- the year shall be indeed fruitful. Bearing an overabundance of good news!

Many attacks have been fabricated against us recently. And a lot of propaganda has been formed. This is more spiritual than it is physical. The devil is simply trying to disrupt our crossover event.

However, God showed me that all the enemies that were planning our downfall shall be seriously disappointed as God is turning around their plans in the opposite direction. Where they were seeing our downfall, we will be rising. Every enemy shall be disappointed in Jesus name!

Listen, Angel Gabriel is an Archangel that bears forth good news. If you did not make it in 2017, Be at peace because 2018 is your year.

We have seen wonders in 2017, but God was telling me that, this is just a warm- up for that which He is about to do in 2018. All the testimonies were just a mere appetizer of the main meal Angel Gabriel is bringing. The crossover will be a night like no other!
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