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Wednesday, 2 May 2018


Pioneer of DMW 30 billion Gang crooner releases an amazing tune making social media run crazy 
this tune surely deserves an Accolade 

Download  below !!


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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

DOWNLOAD MP3: Dannie Bracx ft P.B - Lie

For the second time we've come to see a collaboration between Dannie Bracx and P.B and they tag this one "Lie" 
download and enjoy below 

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Monday, 16 April 2018

DOWNLOAD MP3: P.B - Eli ZA Beth (Prod. Dannie Bracx)

P.B - EliZaBeth Mp3
Download the lastest hit single from One of the most fast rising artist in Nigeria Precious Brown who goes by the Stage Name P.B he calls his one "Eli Za Beth"  Produced and Mastered By Dannie Bracx  the unsigned artist is definitely one to watch out for.

DOWNLOAD: P.B - Eli ZA Beth Mp3 
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Friday, 30 March 2018

DOWNLOAD MP3: Damozy - Iyami [Prod. by Ashaolu Twizzy]

Download the latest hit single from Damozy a young vibrant artist ready to shake the world of music with his tunes damozy teams up with Ashaolu Twizzy a producer whos production has made huge hits. download "IYAMI" below

DOWNLOAD MP3: Damozy - Iyami
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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

DOWNLOAD MP3: Reps – Ife My Lover [Prod. Sammie]

Reps delivers another smashing love tune he calls this new one "Ife My Lover" this hot tune caught the attension of so many as Reps kills the beat with his awesome lyrics Downloas and Enjoy below

DOWNLOAD: Reps – Ife My Lover Mp3
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Monday, 15 January 2018

B-Red Releases Video for – Connect ft. Tiwa Savage

B-red realeses the  video for his resent tune  Connect ft. Tiwa Savage... as expected the video was massive with a lot of creativity and no dull moments

Download MP3 Below

DOWNLOAD MP3: B-Red  – Connect ft. Tiwa Savage 
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DOWNLOAD MP3: A.I – Man On Drugs

The Hitmaker A.I drops a new scintillating track he calls "Man On Drugs" the lyrics of this new tune will get you leaving it on repeat
Download and Enjoy below

DOWNLOAD: A.I  – Man On Drugs
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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

DOWNLOAD MP3: Phredo – Wonder

Liquid Dice Entertainment is proud to introduce a new hot single from Phredo a spicing new artist making everyone dance to his lyrics making him one to watch out for.  he calls his new single "wonder"
Download and Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD Mp3: Phredo –  Wonder 

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Monday, 18 December 2017

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri - what God says about 2018

As I was kneeling down in prayer for the crossover God gave me a sneak preview of 2018. Though it shall be a tough year for many, for those who are called His own- the year shall be indeed fruitful. Bearing an overabundance of good news!

Many attacks have been fabricated against us recently. And a lot of propaganda has been formed. This is more spiritual than it is physical. The devil is simply trying to disrupt our crossover event.

However, God showed me that all the enemies that were planning our downfall shall be seriously disappointed as God is turning around their plans in the opposite direction. Where they were seeing our downfall, we will be rising. Every enemy shall be disappointed in Jesus name!

Listen, Angel Gabriel is an Archangel that bears forth good news. If you did not make it in 2017, Be at peace because 2018 is your year.

We have seen wonders in 2017, but God was telling me that, this is just a warm- up for that which He is about to do in 2018. All the testimonies were just a mere appetizer of the main meal Angel Gabriel is bringing. The crossover will be a night like no other!
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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Major 1 Xmas Miracle Money Festival

The Xmas Miracle Money Festival This will be the second time I and my team will hold up this event, And certainly won't be the last time. Furthermore, for the second time this year, I wanna shock 500 individuals of my Facebook Page Followers.

Remember i once told you that this page represent on of my investment and stands for all youth empowerment purpose. And by April next year, Each and every member of this page shall and would benefit from it. But for now i'll be giving 100 Dollars to the lucky 500 people on my page. 

Winning ticket code is 0247, make sure to keep it safe cause you'll be asked for this code when the time comes.

Good Luck!!
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Friday, 8 December 2017

2017 Movies You would never Notice had only one Location

A great deal of 2017 movies got our attention for their brilliant and awe inspiring location including the eminent acting some of our most loved performing artists conveyed to them.

Truly, the location in which a movie is set can go a long way in determining how much viewers will enjoy the movie and the performance of the movie at the Box office. Some movies however have not more than one location or a few added extras in them and yet captivated viewers. The truth is movie producers and directors are forced to up their game when they have no more than a location to shoot their movie.

Following this logic means that movie directors have to downsize their cast, props and equipment to no more than a single room or location. This has made some directors thrive more since they have to bring up their best ideas despite the constraints.

Here are 3 Movies that were shot in just one location.


The Sunset Limited is a 2011 television film based on the original play written by Cormac McCarthy. The film stars Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson as white and black respectively; two men conversing about White’s attempted suicide by leaping into the path of an oncoming train.

White feels as though everything ends up in death, and that his life is minuscule in the throes of time. Black feels that he can persuade White from committing suicide.

With Black stopping White right before he was about to kill himself, Black feels that this is destiny. In the end, Black is not able to persuade White from suicide and lets him leave the apartment.

The movie is filled with a lot of philosophical musings and basically occurs at Black’s place with the two men talking around a dinner table in the center of Black’s apartment. The movie is gripping despite it been limited to no more than a location.


War Book is a 2014 British political drama film directed by Tom Harper and written by Jack Thorne. The film features an ensemble cast, consisting of Adeel Akhtar, Nicholas Burns, Ben Chaplin, Shaun Evans, Kerry Fox, Phoebe Fox and Sophie Okonedo.

The movie is set inside a governmental meeting room in London where top eight British civil servants take on the roles of government officials in a war game.

The essence of the game is to determine how ministers and officials should relate and behave if there was ever a nuclear attack.

At the end of the movie. The major players determine that there’s no need for Britain to retaliate against its aggressors with another nuclear attack but that they could explore other means to get retribution.

The only noticeable location is the war room asides from the occasional government buildings and courtyard views. The concept must have created a tough call for the director but nonetheless made for a good movie.

Buried is a 2010 English-language Spanish thriller film directed by Rodrigo Cortés, starring Ryan Reynolds as an Iraq-based American civilian truck driver Paul Conroy who, after being attacked, finds himself buried alive in a wooden coffin, with only a lighter, flask, flashlight, knife, glowsticks, pen, pencil, and a mobile phone.

The movie uses a claustrophobic single location and puts viewers directly into the world Ryan Reynolds character experiences as he ponders about life and death buried in a coffin somewhere in the Iraqi desert.

For close to 2 hours, Ryan Reynolds character must learn to adjust, make use of the cellphone and lighter buried with him, while also trying the best he can to be quick enough to escape before running out of oxygen.

The director works on the sensibilities of viewers as a snake is introduced into the coffin which in all produces a nerve-wracking movie shot in a single location.

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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

DOWNLOAD MP3: Uriel – Desire [Prod. Benie Macaulay]

BBnaija contestant releases a fresh single as her comeback to her to the entertainment industry
she calls this single "Desire" and it was Prod. Benie Macaulay
Download and Enjoy below

DOWNLOAD: Uriel  – Desire
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Friday, 1 December 2017

DOWNLOAD MP3: Efe ft Olamide – Warri

Download it hot new single from the BBnaija winner title Warri on this one the warri boy got the Lagos king of rap - Olamide on it
Download and Enjoy

DOWNLOAD:   Efe ft Olamide – Warri
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